Kick Fit
This high-impact, high intensity kick-box style workout combines various martial arts techniques and fantastic music!

Time to De-Stress! A mind blowing cardio and endurance workout for men and women using simple high intensity activities concentrating on abs, butts and thighs.

Fitball Cardio
A fun and effective class using Fitball as a prop. It is a great class for increasing awareness of your body, improving your balance and posture and strengthing the core abdominal muscles. Non-impact and high intensity.

Cardio Latino
Cardio dance is a high-energy way of exercising that improves a person’s cardiovascular function. This dance class a variety of dance style, including hip-hop, jazz, and latin. In this one-hour class like a party, groove to the beat as move their whole bodies like never before.

Hula Salsa
A Hawaiian cardio Dance exercise that set to the sound of traditional Polynesian drum beats, Reggae music and Pop songs. A graceful aerobic dance workout for all ages. The Hip swaying dance helps burn calories, improve stamina, strengthen and firming the abdominal muscle while trimming the waist.