Since opening in 2006, mYoga has always focused on your perspective, and your experience. Our aim is simple: to deliver a friendly, inclusive club where you can learn and practice yoga without feeling intimidated, self-conscious or inferior, in a relaxing place that provides a veritable refuge from city madness.

We knew to make a real difference our teachers had to be more than just professionals with world-class experience. The passion for their craft had to come through in their personalities, so in addition to having the technical knowledge, first-rate credentials and years of experience, they would also be warm, friendly and encouraging! And sure enough, our teaching staff’s big hearts, warm smiles and engaging dispositions continue to be vital to our success.

Our teacher training is fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance and supported by our renowned US partner, Yoga Works. Each teacher has their own expertise and style but all share the mYoga spirit and a desire to bring health and happiness to you through yoga.

We understand that you want variety, and mYoga is unique as the first club in Asia to offer a complete schedule of mY Energy classes. In addition to over 30 types of yoga, we offer an extensive array of high-energy group exercise classes to lift the spirits…and the pulse rates! Variety is the spice of your life and here at mYoga, we are continually introducing new classes.

And perhaps as important as the exercising, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy that new-found cheerful heart and peace of mind. So we created our large member lounge that feels like an urban sanctuary, an escape from city life, a place where you can chill-out with friends, enjoy a cup of tea or a healthy drink, or just soak up the serene ambience.

mYoga was created to be a space for you and for your friends, away from work, and away from home…but always close to your heart. mYoga was designed with you in mind.

Yoga Club Malaysia – mYoga